Media makes the event.
We make the media.
You have a story and we can help you tell it. Through design + motion, GJ Nelson + Co. brings words and images together in ways that are elegant, compelling and always authentic.
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We’re proud to serve those who serve others, communicating their mission and message to the world.
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Our Process

We don’t just take on your project, we take on your cause, finding a solution that will have the greatest impact on the people you need to influence and reach.

Our design philosophy combines pinpoint strategic thinking with spontaneous creative flow. The result is creative, purposeful appeal that works on multiple levels.
For over 25 years we’ve been turning ideas into reality. And we’ve been doing it with a focused approach that delivers the exact message you need for your audience.
Deadlines. Budgets. Board members and more. We understand what you face and work hand-in-hand to overcome any challenges to make sure you get exactly what you need.
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Our Team

We’re a small team with purpose and pride in everything we do. With a special focus on nonprofits, our full-service studio is glad to partner with organizations making the world a better place.


Ha Bui graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design and co-founded GJNC after serving as Art Director for University of West Florida.


RISD graduate GJ Nelson, worked abroad in Berlin and Amsterdam, and founded GJNC after serving as Design Director at Font Bureau in Boston.

Social Media Lead

Evelin Vincente-Rodriguez, from Appalachian State University, has a passion for using social media as a tool to connect with the community we serve.


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